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Capilano Clinic is proudly announcing Dr. Mikameh (May) Kazem joining our team of physicians in January 2021

Dr. Kazem is specialized in Rheumatology and will provide specialty care for all Rheumatological and Autoimmune disorders 

Management of complex osteoporosis and osteoarthritis will also be provided to patients by Dr. Kazem 



       Due to the recent break out of COVID-19 and in an effort to minimize the risk of spread of the virus, we have taken the following measures to modify our medical services in order to facilitate your access to your health care providers

1- Every patient should call our office prior to showing up for a visit and depending on her/his inquiry our MOAs will triage each patient and will facilitate a phone conversation with the doctor or will shedule a visit as needed.

2- If a visit with our doctors is scheduled for you, please wear a mask and be prepared for screening process for fever at the entrance of the clinic.

3- Please contact the following phone numbers and discuss your medical issues with us between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM.




4- Further updates will be posted at the entrance of the clinic and on our website at:

We're committed to remain at your service throughout this stressful time


Gynecology Referrals to Dr. Colleen Dy, and Rheumatology referrals to Dr. May Kazem, may be faxed to: 604-988-3447

Book your appointment by phone@ 604-988-3443 or 604-988-3441

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